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The Material on this Website can now be read on most electronic devices

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BibleHelp.org has over 380 chapters covering a large variety of subjects. I have converted this material into an eBook format that is professional looking and these nine eBooks are ideal for personal and classroom use. In fact, several of these books are used in Bible schools and missionary training centers around the world.

You can either print these eBooks out and read them like a regular paper book or you can read them on an electronic device. Following are the various electronic devices that you can read this material:

-On your computer (using the PDF format)
-Handheld device such as a Palm, PDF, etc. (using the RGO or PRC format)
-Kindle reader (using the PRC format also known as MOBI)
-Android Devices (using either the PRC or EPUB format)
-Smart Phones (using the PRC or a Kindle Reader app)
-Sony Reader (using the EPUB format)
-Barns and Noble Nook (using the EPUB format)
-Apple iOS Devices (using the EPUB format)
-Microsoft Reader (using the LIT format)

Special note about eBook readers:

All major eBook readers can read several formats besides the one that they have developed. This means that I do not have to create an eBook version for EVERY reader out there, just the most common formats. Right now my books can be read on over 95% of the readers.

If, you are part of the unfortunate 5%, you can still convert my books to your own format. Calibre is a free eBook manager that converts eBooks from any format to any other format. The nice thing about this program is it allows you to buy eBooks designed for ANY device and use it on your device. It automatically converts eBooks in other formats into a format that you can use on your device.



My eBooks have no copy protection software (DRM)

Although my books and eBooks are copyrighted, I encourage their free distribution. I did not write them to make money. Therefore, none of my eBooks are copy protected with protection software such as DRM (Digital Rights Management).

This provides two benefits for you. First, you can put the eBook on as many devices as you would like. Second, DRM software tends to introduce bugs in the software and it can sometimes cause problems when you are reading an eBook.

Copyright Information

I have copyrighted all of the documents on this web site. It is my desire, however, that this information be distributed as much as possible. Therefore, feel free to make copies and share them with your friends. If you are a teacher and would like to use this material in your classroom or church, feel free to make as many copies as you would like. The only thing I ask is you keep the copyright information on your distribution (this is the information at the top of all of the chapters). For example:

Copyright © Michael Bronson 1997- 2012


I encourage the free distribution of this material as long as someone does not try to profit financially from it. Therefore, unless I give expressed written permission, please do not include this material in any project that will result in financial profit. You may, however, follow the standard copyright procedures and include small portions of this material in commercial ventures.

Also note that I have, on many occasions, granted permission for this material to be included in for-profit ventures. Normally, this is not a problem; I just feel it is prudent for me to filter all requests. If you have any questions or requests, please feel free to contact me.





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Click here to find detailed information about each book


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