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Entering Eternity: A Guide to Understanding Death, Heaven, and Eternity



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Your first moment in eternity

The lights of this world grow dim as the radiance of eternity comes into focus. You have just died and are about to experience your first moment in eternity. What will it be like? What happens next? Will you be able to instantly recognize your former friends and family? Will Spot and Fluffy be there to greet you? What will your body be like? How will you occupy your time? These questions and many more are addressed in this book.


Special Thanks
In Memory Of Joyce DeWitt

Part 1: What We Know and Don’t Know

Keeping Our Limited Understanding of Eternity In Perspective
Basic Guidelines to Help You Understand the Bible
Our Unfathomable and Unknowable God
Who Is the Intended Audience Of This Book?

Part 2: Fear Of Death

Death, “The Last Great Adventure”
How Many People Die On an Average Day?
Fear, the Predator Of Our Peace
Fear Of Death
Victory Over the Sting Of Death
Death: Friend or Foe?
The Irony Of Death Bringing Life
Seasons Of Life
Our Lives Are Like Vapor: Here Today and Gone Tomorrow
Our First Moments In Eternity
Does the Curtain Of Death Sometimes Open Before a Person Dies?
Where Will We Enter Eternity?
Will There Be a Welcoming Party for Us In Heaven?
Will My Enemies Be Waiting for Me On the Other Side Of Death?
Committing Suicide to End a Painful Death
Artificial Life Support and Living Wills
Near Death Experiences
Have People Gone to Heaven or Hell and Returned?

Part 3: Learning to Trust God

What Does It Mean To Trust God?
The War Of the Wills
Some Practical Suggestions On Learning to Trust God
Walk Away When It’s Time
Paying for a Dead Horse

Part 4: Facing Our Final Judgment

Will There Be a Judgment to Determine Our Eternal Destiny?
An Appointment With Death
The Judgment Seat Of Christ
What Will Our Rewards Be Like?
Is It Worth the Trade?
Is It Wrong to Strive for Rewards?
Take a Trip to the Junk Yard
The Rest Of the Story
Will Those Who Die Young Receive Fewer Rewards?
Only In This Life
Spend Your Paycheck Wisely
The Burden for Our Unsaved Loved Ones
The Great White Throne Judgment
What About Those “Without the Gospel?”
Will There Be Degrees Of Punishment In Hell?
Is Hell Really for Eternity?
Will Hell Become Overcrowded?

Part 5: What Will Our Bodies Be Like?

What Will Our Bodies Be Like (a Quick Overview)?
Understanding God’s True Form
What an Awesome God
What Will Our New Bodies Be Like?
When Will We Get Our New Permanent Eternal Bodies?
Our Soul Needs a Body
How Will God Resurrect a Body That Has Been Completely Destroyed?
Will We Become Angels?
Misunderstandings Of the “Bodies” Of Those In the Spirit World
What Makes an Object “Physical?”
Will We Recognize Others In Heaven?
What Will Our Personalities Be Like?
Will We Have Male and Female Bodies?
Will There Be Sex or Marriage in Heaven?
Will We Eat, Drink, Sleep, and Breathe in Heaven?
How Old Will Our Bodies Look In Heaven?
What Kind Of Clothes Will We Wear In Heaven?
Will Travel In Heaven be Instantaneous?
What Language Will We Speak In Heaven?
Will There Be Racial and Ethnic Differences In Heaven?
What Is God’s Race?
Where Did Our Racial Differences Come From?
What Race (or Color) Were Adam and Eve?

Part 6: What Will Heaven Be Like?

A Quick Overview Of Heaven
Where Is Heaven?
Hades and Sheol
Where Is Our Final Eternal Home?
The End Of the World
The New Jerusalem
Being Married to Jesus
Will the New Heaven and Earth Include a Huge Universe?
Is There Currently Life On Other Planets?
What Other Creatures Inhabit Heaven?
What Was God’s Original Plan for Mankind (Before Sin)?
What Will We Do In Heaven?
Rising Out Of the Ashes
Will We Face Conflicts and Problems in Eternity?
Will We Remember Our Past (Both Good Times and Bad)?
Will We Know About the Sins Of Others?
The Pieces Of Your Life
Will We Have The Same Deep Friendships We Currently Have Here On Earth?
Will We See What’s Currently Taking Place On Earth?
Will We Weep for Those In Hell?
Will We Know Everything There Is to Know?
Will There Be “Time” In Heaven?
Do Babies Go To Heaven?
Did You Know …?
How Can God Give a Billion Believers Personal Attention At the Same Time?
Will I Have a Hard Time Making Friends In Heaven?
Sometimes I Wish That I had Never Been Born At All
Can We Sin In Heaven?
Do Pets Go to Heaven?
Will Heaven Have a Specific Church Denomination?

Part 7: Understanding Salvation

A Case for Christianity
Does God Exist?
How Do I Get Saved? (The Plan of Salvation, Plain and Simple)
Got Any Milk?
Is There Really Only One Way to Heaven?
A Walk On the Wild Side
Delusions Of Grandeur
Good Intentions
Making Up for Past Wrongs
Misguided Commitment
Grace: Unmerited Favor
The Gift of Obedience


Verses Talking About Our Rewards
Verses Showing that God Is Almighty, Eternal, All-Powerful, etc.



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