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Life in the Fast Lane

Chapter: 1.10
(Section 1: A life that's refreshing and Victorious)
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Slow consistent spiritual growth is far superior to fast erratic spiritual growth. Some Christians take on too many Christian projects for the amount of time and energy that they have. As a result, they ultimately accomplish less than the Christian who slower, but more consistent.

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The laptop I recently purchased came with a fun motorcycle game. Of course, being a good steward of all of the resources I have been given, I felt obligated to play the game (well, something like that). After a few days, I got to the point where I was in first place before I finished the first of four laps. Since being in first place was no long a challenge, I challenged myself by trying to beat my previous times. That also became boring, so I lost interest in the game.

A few weeks later I discovered a "stunt/booster" feature. I found if I pressed a certain button my front wheel would pop up and I would accelerate faster than normal for about three seconds. I thought this was great; I could really increase my times. The only problem with this feature is when you are riding with the front tire in the air, you only have one third of your steering (which is a real drag when you’re going around sharp corners).

As I experimented with this new feature, I found myself continually overshooting the curves. So I decided that the logical solution was to use this feature only on the straight parts of the road. Although this may sound simple, I found this to be difficult to do. I kept on thinking, "Just a little bit longer would be okay." As a result, I have never beaten my best time using the extra boost.

This phenomenon is similar to the life of many Christians. Instead of maintaining a consistent steady spiritual growth, some Christians accelerate forward at excessive speeds only to be sidetracked by various obstacles. As a result, their spiritual lives have accomplished far less than a person who was more consistent than he was aggressive.

Carefully and prayerfully choose the outreaches you want to pursue and then pace yourself. Don’t allow yourself to be sidetracked because you are in too much of a hurry. Resist the temptation of doing more than you can reasonably handle.


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